PRIVACY POLICYProtecting member personal financial information is a priority for Tulare Federal. The credit union will regard all member nonpublic personal information as highly confidential and will thereby protect all member information within its custody and control. Members' nonpublic personal information will only be used by the credit union to provide quality products, services and pricing. The credit union will not disclose, share, and/or discuss member nonpublic personal information and personal financial data except as permitted by law.

It is the policy of Tulare Federal to be committed to making available financial products and services that enable members to meet their financial needs and reach their financial goals. In order to accomplish this goal, the credit union may collect only the nonpublic personal information about its members necessary to successfully conduct the credit unions' lending, operational, and business activities with the membership.

The credit union will collect member nonpublic personal information from the following sources:

  • Information obtained from a member, whether on loan applications or other forms
  • Information provided by others (i.e. references) authorized by the member
  • Information from the members' financial transactions
  • Information from consumer reporting agencies
  • Information from federal and state law enforcement agencies